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Fracking and the manipulation of our water supply.

We are, of course, talking about bottled water. So why should we have to buy bottled drinking water? Why is this massive industry, totally dependent upon plastic, transport costs and robbing local areas of their good water?

Remember the sixties? The idea of someone charging for water in bottles would have been laughable.  I still have a somewhat sinister regard for the fact that we’re being charged for water, and not without reasoning: There just could be something covertly sinister and devious going on.

There are indeed a number of people who have educated themselves enough to realize that they don’t want to choose drinking tap water with fluoride and other chemicals.
But why should we even have a need to choose the more expensive bottled water option and put up with the chemically-treated tap water?

Surely, it’s up to us to do something about this?

Fracking and our water supply

As a water lover I have to ask: why has the dangerous process of fracking technology been allowed to carry on without due study of the effects on our water supply?

Fracking uses hydraulic pressure blasts (some 40,000 plus gallons of water containing over 600 toxic chemicals) to fracture shale rock to get at its contents of gas and oil to be extracted. Much of this toxic chemical water contains methane, formaldehyde, mercury, uranium, lead and carcinogens – and is is never recovered. It inevitably finds its way into our groundwater. It can pollute wells, thus polluting our water supplies.

As well as environmental damage, the reckless insanity of fracking has now been linked to earthquakes and ill health with people and animals living in nearby areas.

It’s pretty obvious that fracking corporations are buying off the politicians and people connected.

So am I right? Is there something devious going on. Let’s look at the link between tap water to fracking.

Water, one of the most essential of life’s commodities is deliberately becoming more and more precious to obtain.

When you control the water supplies you can control the people.

It’s a crazy thought but.. perhaps the reason for fracking with its water-polluting deadly toxic chemicals going by unchecked is that it puts the people in a situation whereby their local water supplies in wells and taps is not longer usable so they have no other choice than to go to the stores and buy the corporation’s water supplies.

Think of the astronomical amounts of money the manipulators of all this could make from the quantities of water needed from folks all over the world in their everyday lives!


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