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Portable Hydrogen Rich Water bottles: a review of two

 Can we have hydrogen rich water anywhere we go? Yes we can! Ian compares an electronic portable hydrogen rich water product with our AlkaPod and comes up with some surprising results. Both make fresh molecular hydrogen infused in water on the go. Both alkalize the water using minerals. Both give the water good ORP. One […]

Compared: Bottled Water to UltraStream water

Bottled Water versus owning your own UltraStream Alkaline Water Ioniser Author Diana Michaels is one of our many Alkaway distributors, way down in Busselton, Western Australia . Ian: Diana, thank you so much for this! The cost of 15 litres of bottled water delivered to your home is about $19.95. A commercial price could be as […]

The Future of Alkaline water is here and now.

Those of you who have been following this blog would already be aware that we have developed the UltraStream, the world’s first validated non electric water filter and hydrogen producer, and that it has tested better than the most expensive electric system on the market. We knew that there was more to learn and we knew that japan was the place H2 was ‘happening’.

Along the way, we also wanted to check out some of the sales supporting stories we have all heard over the years and see if they were true.

Firstly, we wanted to see if,a s we have been told, alkaline ionized water was available ‘everywhere’.

24,500 Contaminants in bottled water? Yep. It’s true.

More Than 24,500 Chemicals Found in Bottled Water by Dr. Jennifer Landa Bottled water has become a fashion trend – specific brands with unique shapes that tell the world a little something about you. While your bottle of water might make you appear to be a purveyor of optimal hydration, it’s also a sign you […]

Do you drink soda? Are you overweight? There IS a link!

Do you go to the gym to lose weight then have a Coke to cool off? The biggest mistake many of us make is going to the gym and then failing to clean up our diet. For many of us, diets are a daily kitchen battlefield. And one of the biggest mistakes that individuals often […]

Aspartame and Diet Soda: A cheap way to get a heart attack?

Drinking Two Diet Sodas Per Week? You may be 50% More Likely to Die from Heart Disease Most recently, one of the largest studies of its kind, which included nearly 60,000 post-menopausal women who were followed for about 10 years, found that drinking just two diet drinks a day can dramatically increase your risk of […]

Too expensive?

My business Guru, Seth Godin, talked today about value of things. He used this example: ” A $400 bottle of water is too expensive to just about everyone, even to people with more than $500 in the bank. They have the cash, but they sure don’t want to spend it, not on something they think […]

The Best Soda You Can Buy

Sherry Brescia sent me this excellent post about the best soda. “I have a talent for hitting the grocery store at the precise moment when it’s mobbed, the lines are a mile long and there are cashiers in training. Recently as I waited in a L-O-N-G, slow line to pay for my groceries, I began […]

More contaminants found in Bottled water

Some people are aware that plastic containers leach endocrine-disrupting compounds into food and water. Given that the term “endocrine-disrupting” is thrown around a lot, it’s important you understand what this means. Your endocrine system produces hormones that act as chemical messengers that govern certain processes in the body (such as sexual development in young people). […]

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