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Compared: Bottled Water to UltraStream water

Bottled Water versus owning your own UltraStream Alkaline Water Ioniser

Author Diana Michaels is one of our many Alkaway distributors, way down in Busselton, Western Australia .

Ian: Diana, thank you so much for this!

The cost of 15 litres of bottled water delivered to your home is about $19.95. A commercial price could be as low as $13.00 per 15 litres. Note that the costs used in this comparison for the bottled water were actual costs quoted by one of the largest distributors in Australia for the supply of water to a medium size corporate business earlier this year, 2014.

 The cost to a business who used 1 x 15 litre of spring water weekly at a cost of $13.00 per 15 litre with a fortnightly delivery would be:

 At $13.00 per week for only one 15 litre bottle the annual cost would be $676.00 – (780 litres of water per annum) .  The cost of the UltraStream replacement filter cartridge is 9.00 and it produces 3000 litres of alkaline and ionised water.

Both the chilled water dispenser and the UltraStream unit cost to initially purchase – the water dispenser is approximately 0 the UltraStream is 9 (and for a commercial application an undersink kit is recommended which is $175). If no power source is available that would need to be installed for the water dispenser but not required for the UltraStream. The UltraStream does not require a plumber to install the Unit it can he installed by anyone who is handy;

 The cost in the first year of the chilled water dispenser (buying only 1 x 15 litre bottle delivered fortnightly) is $676 for the water; approximately $200 for the dispenser; an additional cost of $1.25 fuel levy per delivery ($1.25 x 26 fortnights) adds 32.50; and in some cases the cost of installing a powerpoin and some power consumption – amounts to an estimated $908.50;

 The cost in the first year of the UltraStream plus the undersink kit and a replacement filter is 9 for the UltraStream; $175 for the undersink kit; and $199 for the replacement filter (this is for next years 3000 litres of water); – this amounts to $873.00;

 The cost in the second year of the chilled water dispenser with exactly the same usage (assuming that there has not been a price rise) is $676 for (780 litres of water) plus $32.50 for the fuel levy  and some power consumption – amounting to around $708.50;

 The cost of the second year of the UltraStream is 9.00 for the replacement filter (which you already purchased in your UltraStream Startup Kit). If you buy a replacement filter in the second year you will always have one on hand;

 Subsequent years (assuming no increase in price) the bottled water will cost at least 8.50 plus power and the UltraStream will cost 9.00 for the replacement filter, plus a small amount for shipping;

UltraSteam wins hands down!

To read more click on this link …… In my capacity as a Occupational Health and Safety Advisor 

Diana Michaels – Starlight Wellness Centre July 2014

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