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Microwaves and Water Ionizers. What do they have in common?

I received this from Tyler LeBaron today and it’s really worth a read. It’s aimed at vendors of ionized water.


Virtually nobody cares how/why they work but we all know they do and we all have one. And so too it is with water ionizers. It doesn’t matter how it works it just does!!!”

Right??? Or maybe not!?!

The analogy of the microwave sounds great on the surface; however, when actually paralleled with ionized water it immediately begins to fall apart. For example, virtually everyone already owns a microwave and knows that it works. This is in stark contrast to what we are doing with ionized water, which is introducing the idea to those who have never even heard of it!

Here’s a hypothetical example: let’s say that you are selling microwaves, but here’s the catch, no one has ever even heard of a microwave before. Now I ask.. how much luck would you have with the following sales pitch?

“This microwave heats your food up by using super-novaic powers that combine all of the Disney princesses together and they warm the food up in only seconds”?  *

Now, those who actually “try it” may buy it. But obviously many people will not even waste their time with such nonsense (which ends up being a lot of sales lost)—not to mention the fact that you will be laughed at and ridiculed.

Don’t you think more people would listen and just “try it” if you said something more realistic about how it works such as saying, “its kinda like the sun, in that it sends out waves of energy which heats the food”.

Isn’t the latter explanation more reasonable?
If they have any doubt to what you say you can show them numerous scientific articles demonstrating how microwaves heat things up—In addition to having them just “try it”. By the same token, when we offer “simple” and “correct” information about ionized water more people will be interested and will try it. Moreover, there are numerous scientific articles to back up the accurate information, but obviously there are no articles to back up inaccurate information such as “Disney princesses” or any inaccurate claims about ionized water (e.g. “electron rich”—which ironically if it really were would actually be cytotoxic).

Now please don’t misunderstand.  Just as you do not have to really comprehend the physics of how the “microwave” works, but just a simple explanation that is scientifically accepted; similarly, you do not have to understand the detailed chemistry behind how ionized water works. Just a simple and concise explanation that is backed up by the scientific literature is all you actually need. This simple fact of life will prevent you from losing another sale from someone who would have otherwise been genuinely interested.

*Note: Although you may feel that this example greatly exaggerates common ionized water claims, I am here to tell you that from a scientific point of view many ionized water claims sound just as silly as this one.

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