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Cancer Claims – Otto Warburg – Misconceptions from Marketers

“Cancer Cannot Survive in an Alkaline Environment”

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A bold claim attributed to Otto Warburg and used in many marketing materials.

In this post, we break down the claims attributed to Otto Warburg, and see if they are correct, and then what the research says.

Disclaimer: The information in this video should not be misunderstood, misquoted, or otherwise misinterpreted. We are only addressing the fallacy of two widely used claims used in marketing material. We are in no way trying to make claims about Otto Warburg’s entire work or the sum total of cancer research. The video should be viewed in the light of the industries that predominately use it (alkaline water/alkaline ionized water or holistic communities), which this video primarily addresses these claims from that vantage point. Overall, the intention of the video is to help others be aware of these misused claims.

Guest contributor Tywon Hubbard, the most educated public voice we have seen on the properties of alkaline water and H2. Here’s Tywon’s website

SOURCES: “Despite the permanent stress of hypoxic exposure, humans populating HA areas have reduced cancer mortality over a broad spectrum of cancer types. In fact, the majority of the physiological adaptive processes at HA occurring in response to hypoxia might be the driving force for reduced cancer mortality at HA.”…

“Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931 for his discovery of cytochrome c oxidase, not for his work on cancer and the formulation of the Warburg hypothesis.” “Cancer cells carry out aerobic glycolysis and respiration concurrently.”…

“Although cancer is a diverse set of diseases, cancer cells share a number of adaptive hallmarks. Dysregulated pH is emerging as a hallmark of cancer because cancers show a ‘reversed’ pH gradient with a constitutively increased intracellular pH that is higher than the extracellular pH. This gradient enables cancer progression by promoting proliferation, the evasion of apoptosis, metabolic adaptation, migration and invasion.”…

“Cancer cells have an acid-base disturbance that is completely different than observed in normal tissues and that increases in correspondence with increasing neoplastic state: an interstitial acid microenvironment linked to an intracellular alkalosis.”…

“Based upon the response of cultured cells, including stem cells, to a certain degree of hypoxia and of most if not all proliferating cells to a somewhat more alkaline ambient and especially endogenous pH, their survival and proliferation should be favored.”…

“Particularly, in the field of cancer research, we are using the term “Warburg effect” to denote a metabolic phenotype typical of many tumor cells, namely the high activity of anaerobic glycolysis, i.e., production of lactic acid, even in the presence of sufficient oxygen.” “However, the influence of pH on the growth of tumor cells appeared never to be of particular interest to Warburg, in spite of his interest in hydrogen-transferring systems such as the coenzymes NAPDH and NADH (see below), which lead to the characterization of the activity of most glycolytic enzymes in later years.”

“His idea that the causative problem of cancer cells was solely one of energetics and at the level of the respiratory system was not convincing in view of the fact that it contradicted Warburg’s own initial data and similar results from many others, and that it disregarded the more recent discoveries on the altered genetics of cancer cells leading to unregulated proliferation and tumor growth.” “Probably the most controversial legacy for tumor metabolism is the hypothesis on the origin of cancer: that damaged respiration is solely responsible for the tumor type metabolism. In spite of its disaffirmation by numerous data and alternative explanations [31] providing evidence that there are also tumor cells which have apparently normal mitochondria and respiratory activity,”…

Despite the promotion of the alkaline diet and alkaline water by the media and salespeople, there is almost no actual research to either support or disprove these ideas. This systematic review of the literature revealed a lack of evidence for or against diet acid load and/or alkaline water for the initiation or treatment of cancer. Promotion of alkaline diet and alkaline water to the public for cancer prevention or treatment is not justified.…

“Therefore, the possibility that local and systemic alterations in acid-base balance in the alkalotic direction play an important role in the genesis and/or propagation of cancer remains not only a viable but a vital issue at the present time.”…

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