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Colon Cancer and Molecular Hydrogen: new study.

I’m sure all of our readers are aware that we DO NOT make claims of therapeutic effect from the purchase of our H2 products. After 16 years we know – and understand that – especially in the case of cancer,  anyone claiming they can cure cancer knows precious little about the disease, which has at least […]

What’s in your swimming pool?

What’s really in the water at the community swimming pool? Summertime, especially if you live in a hot region means that  a swimming pool becomes a boon and a lifesaver when the temperature soars. It’s a refreshing way to keep cool on a hot day, and a good swim gives us the chance for some healthy […]

The Good News of coffee Consumption.. and the Bad, Bad News.

First.. the Good News about drinking Coffee. The benefits of coffee consumption have long been questioned, but now a new group of experts have given it the thumbs up – at least for one issue. A review of studies published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics says that increasing coffee intake could help reduce the chances […]

Is your medical procedure necessary?

What if millions of medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments were based on, at best, questionable scientific evidence, but still performed daily, the world over, in the name of saving patients lives or reducing their suffering? A new JAMA review indicates this may be exactly what is happening.    A disturbing new review published in JAMA online about overuse of […]

Sacramento water utility hid carcinogens in drinking water.

TV News alleges: In 2013 and 2014, Sacramento residents were exposed to a carcinogenic chemical in their drinking water called aluminum chlorohydrate. During those 2 years, Sacramento tested aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) at its main water treatment plant and according to TV station ABC10, alarm bells sounded almost immediately. But… the city didn’t warn locals or take action […]

Vinyl Chlorine anyone?

In the space of one week, we’ve received 3 pretty amazing reports. The first one showed the presence of artificial sweeteners in drinking water. The second was about e-Coli in bottled water. Now we get a report that the poor souls in Kokomo, US have vinyl chloride in their water and it has only now been […]

kale and other cruciferous vegetables

Eating kale and other cruciferous vegetables two to three times a week or, even better, four to five times a week, is an easy way to significantly boost your health. Just one cup of kale will flood your body with disease-fighting vitamins K, A, and C, along with respectable amounts of manganese, copper, B vitamins, […]

Lucky Us! Now we can watch TV as they check us for cancer!

At RSNA in Chicago, Philips is introducing its new ‘in-bore patient distraction’ offering for patients undergoing head-first scans under MRI. Currently, only exams that keep the patient’s head outside the scanner allow for headphones to be worn and a display to be seen. The new Philips solution is essentially a video screen positioned outside the […]

New report links massive cancer mortality rates with OBESITY

A new study published in Lancet’s Oncology Journal by the International Agency for research on cancer carried out a population study. They compared BMI and cancer data on 20+ year olds. They assumed a ten year lag to ensure they made correct assumptions. The result? They found that in 2012 excess body weight was the […]