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ANOTHER (!) amazing scientific study on Hydrogen water!

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

labmouseThis Japanese study is a  beauty! It is quite a large one and includes conclusions on the use of hydrogen water (the same as that produced by the UltraStream) for Cognitive decline, Parkinson’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Metabolic Syndrome, adverse effects of chemotherapy, allegic reactions.

Not only that, how’s this for a powerpacked paragraph?

“It has been shown that drinking hydrogen water prevents superoxide formation in brain slices of vitamin C-depleted SMP30/GNL knockout mice, that H2 in drinking water attenuates noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs, that drinking hydrogen water ameliorated cognitive impairment in senescence-accelerated mice, and that H2 exhibited potential cardioprotective effects in irradiated mice.”
Here it is again.




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