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Vinyl Chlorine anyone?

In the space of one week, we’ve received 3 pretty amazing reports.

The first one showed the presence of artificial sweeteners in drinking water. The second was about e-Coli in bottled water. Now we get a report that the poor souls in Kokomo, US have vinyl chloride in their water and it has only now been discovered. 

    Most vinyl chloride is used to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and vinyl products.  Acute (short-term) exposure to high levels of vinyl chloride in air has resulted in central nervous system effects (CNS), such as dizziness, drowsiness, and headaches in humans.  Chronic (long-term) exposure to vinyl chloride through inhalation and oral exposure in humans has resulted in liver damage.  Cancer is a major concern from exposure to vinyl chloride via inhalation, as vinyl chloride exposure has been shown to increase the risk of a rare form of liver cancer in humans.  EPA has classified vinyl chloride as a Group A, human carcinogen.
    Serious indeed! When we designed the UltraStream we realised it was an opportunity to have the best effect for thousands of people IF we gave up on economics and decided to simply ask for the very best filtration possible. America is the home of the best filtration media but of course it comes at a far greater cost than Chinese media.
    We have done Chinese media before and sadly, we came to the conclusion that we simply could not trust that we received what we ordered. Nor could we rely on the filter being filled properly. So our US manufacturing decision was all about our need to sleep soundly at night, knowing we had not made a deal with the devil and leave customers to the risks that result from a cheapo decision.
    Lucky for us – and for our customers – our decision proved right. Yes, there are cheapo Chinese copies around, and yes, people do buy them. But over 5000 people so far have made a decision for safe pure water over cheap possibly pure water.


    Are you in Kokomo? Contact John via our

US website

    and we’ll look after you.


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