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What has a bee and me have in common?

I just read a quite scary article about the findings of scientists studying bee deaths in the US. At first, research identified one range of pesticides called neonicotinoids as the culprit. So the answer was to remove these pesticides from farms, right?

Well, now another group of scientists have come up with a more chilling tale. They watched hives decline when they were put in areas where there was a very mixed usage of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides and the dieback was equally bad.

Why is this chilling?
Because there is simply no way our modern agribusiness model can survive if they have to stop use of such a broad spectrum of products whose only purpose is to permit intensive cost effective food production. So it’s now a very tough choice. The food? Or the bees? And if it’s the food, we better find another way (something we haven’t been able to do so far) of pollinating the billions of plants our bes do so efficiently – because there won’t be any bees!

As bad as that may be, I take it as a lesson for myself, and it is prompted by a message from a friend of ours who rang us to say how elated he was. he had had a hair analysis and the therapist involved rang him in great excitement. He was the first person in twenty years of testing to get a report with NO heavy metals or other toxins. Peter has had his own AlkaWay water ionizer for years and also has his own FIR sauna. , so I’m not saying that it was only our water, but what amazed me about hi story was the prevalence of toxicity in every other report over a 20 year period. We could say that except for Peter, everyone was toxic.

There’s more. If indeed our little buzzy friends thrived and supported us for millions of years and only now become an endangered species due to our toxic habits. what does that say about us? For millions of years we developed a life system as sophisticated as (or more than) a bee. The bee is now incapable of handling the combination of toxins we have thrown at it and on our crops.. so why would we be any better off? Why aren’t WE dying off like the bee? Or.. perhaps we are. Cancer? Allergies galore? Motor neurone disease? And hundreds of diseases so weird that it takes a faculty of specialists to even identify it.

So does this make sense to you?

If indeed we need a clean inner environment to deflect all the challenges we are forced to overcome in food as toxic and varied in types and form of toxicity , but we don’t HAVE a clean inner environment, how can we think that like the bees we will keep on buzzing? Surely it behooves us to give our kids the best possible chance of a long and healthy life by giving them good organic food and encourage them to drink exactly what our paleo ancestors drank – clean mineral and (hopefully) hydrogen-strong water. Why? Because if, like the be, we are designed to operate without contaminants floating around inside is? surely we have to get back to that clean state and remain there as soon as we are able!

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