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Colon Cancer and Molecular Hydrogen: new study.

certifiedI’m sure all of our readers are aware that we DO NOT make claims of therapeutic effect from the purchase of our H2 products.
After 16 years we know – and understand that – especially in the case of cancer,  anyone claiming they can cure cancer knows precious little about the disease, which has at least 200 ‘faces’, all with different symptoms and regimens.

So we make no claims that the UltraStream can heal anything. What we do, however, is encourage readers to do the research themselves. including accessing the hundreds of scientific studies already available.

This study showing the results for colon cancer in mice is NOT a human study and so it’s your choice of how much weight you give it.

We always encourage you to check in with your medico before ANY change to your health regime.

Here’s the study. The interesting thing to me is that it validates what we’ve experienced; that a higher concentration of H2 is a better method.

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