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6 Factors Affecting our Thyroid Health and What You Can Do About It.

thyroid2Our Thyroid  is located in the anterior neck. It’s one of the largest endocrine glands in the human body that manages sensitivity to other hormones. It’s also responsible for the rate of use from energy sources and protein synthesis. So.. if we are hoping for a long healthy life perhaps it’s worth five minutes to learn what it DOESN’T like.

Our ‘normal daily life gives our poor one-and-only thyroid a hard time. If we feel sluggish, fatigued, anxious, and just can’t lose weight perhaps you can look at getting your thyroid back up to normal power. Unfortunately, there’s no simple on-switch or ‘Booster’ switch.

So.. What are the Things Causing a Sluggish Thyroid?

Water? Yes, modern municipal water. We just learned that over 200 US cities have excess lead in their pipes. Lead is a heavy metal. And as time passes there are many others appearing in our stressed reticulated water systems, including mercury. Frankly, it’s hardly worth listing them because the EPA has identified 600 suspect ‘new’ contaminants that have no known remedial strategy.  We can, of course clean up our water, and after the Flint tragedy it’s hard to understand anyone in the USA not having a water filter, especially considering the water technology that exists now to eliminate heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors.

What Else?

Stress is a major player in damaging our thyroid. (As we know, stress is also heavily acidifying) When we are consistently stressed out, our body produces high levels of cortisol,  a powerful stress hormone. naturally, your adrenals are overloaded and the relationship between your thyroid and adrenals go hand-to-hand.

Best thing to do is manage your stress in this situation and use natural herbs, essential oils, or meditation to calm yourself down.

is heavily used in drinking water and toothpastes. It affect our body by slowing down thyroid activity. Studies have shown that medications that contain fluoride actually lower functions of over active thyroids. 

What Else? (How long is a piece of String)?

There are many, many environmental factors thatimpact the thyroid gland. Some of these dangerous chemicals are used on a daily basis as well for certain fields of work.

  • Pesticides which induces glucuronidation of (T4). This chemical also reduces (T4) half-life.
  • Isoflavones which are commonly found in soy products are inhibitors of thyroid peroxidase.
  • Potassium Perchlorate – used in explosives such as fireworks, rocket propellant, and vehicle airbags inhibits iodine uptake. This dangerous substance is used all over the U.S. and has been known to contaminate water sources.
  • Even cigarette smoke has effects to this due to the thiocyanates of the smoke itself.

    With so many toxins bombarding everyone in this modern society we live in, these 3 minutes you took reading this can be converted into one action that will, in my belief, gift you YEARS of health. I never forgot to old saying: “Most people spend more on their health in their last year than in the whole of the rest of their lives.”

    Learn more about removing heavy metals from your water here


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