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Tyler LeBaron, Founder, Molecular Hydrogen Institute talks about Antioxidants

We are great fans of Tyler here at AlkaWay, to the point of taking his Molecular Hydrogen Specialist program, with Leon, our Customer Support Manager an accredited specialist.

H2 has really opened up – and smashed – many of the popular myths relating to antioxidants, which, unfortunately, have been sequestered by the major supplement sellers as some sort of cure-all, longevity inducing take-a-pill.

If you’d like to know more, just Google Alkaway. We have people around the globe who can help you.

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Alkaline Balance, Detox


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Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Tyler Lebaron IS Molecular Hydrogen. It must be six years before I ‘discovered’ him. He was on a facebook group talking about electric water ionizers and the fact that alkalinity wasn’t what gave us the benefit of the water they produced. He was facing serious opposition from people invested in the idea they had been sold on by their upline MLM-er.