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A Drinking Naturopath’s Advice on Dry July

From Erica Whisson, AlkaWay Inhouse Naturopath.

Dry July or Just want to Detox?

Are you doing Dry July?
Then you’re already inspirational and we want you to maximise the positive effects on your body. Even if you are not going the whole hog, but want to reduce your alcohol consumption and improve your health, then here at AlkaWay we offer great support.

It Really is Simple…
Just by reducing the toxic intake from your water by filtering with an UltraStream, you’re helping your body reduce its toxic load to deal with. You will love the taste of UltraStream water so much more than tap water that you will want to drink more water.

By adding Molecular Hydrogen to your life, whether it be from your Ultrastream water, I Love H2 tablets, a Hydrogen Pod or even a Q-Mist you are increasing and improving the effectiveness of your body’s natural detox processes.

If you really want to get the most out of your break from alcohol (or really want to reduce the damage) then AlkaWay Greens is a great addition to your daily routine. They are naturally energising and cleansing, but if you double the recommended dose (recommended for a short period only) then it is a fantastic detoxification support formula for your whole body.

If you are finding that the break from alcohol (or increased consumption) is leaving you with a few extra aches and pains (that’s the detox effect), then Alkaline Booster provides all the minerals and trace elements you need to put those aches to rest.


Winter Health Kick Special


To start your winter health kick, here’s our July special:
The amazing UltraStream water filter, alkalizer and hydrogen infusion system PLUS FREE AlkaWay Greens Powder PLUS 2 I Love H2 tablets. Original value 839 for only AU$649. (While stocks last)

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