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The Importance of Minerals in our water.

Reverse Osmosis water killing people? Yes.

chinafactoryThere’s a whole industry profiting from our concept of ‘pure’ water.

And yet, we’ve never had ‘pure water’ in our whole history except, perhaps when we opened our mouths in a rain storm.
Pure water is NOT natural, and this report really shows its effect.

A new Israeli report states reverse osmosis desalinated water lacking magnesium is dangerous for heart patients and may have led to the deaths of hundreds of citizens last year. Magnesium is a critical element in more than 300 metabolic functions, but is lost through the desalination process. This is particularly problematic for Israel, as nearly 75 percent of its tap water is desalinated, more than any other country. So far the nation’s Finance Ministry and Water Authority have opposed plans to replace the pivotal mineral in drinking water, citing cost concerns.
~The Jerusalem Post

 Here’s the link.. and there’s a ‘killer’ item in it. It says that ‘several hundred Israelis’ may be killed every year.

The authors noted that Israel began producing desalinated sea water in 1978 but the level has increased steeply over just the past decade. Fresh water from the Israeli National Water Carrier accumulated in underground aquifers or the Kinneret naturally have significant amounts of magnesium and calcium, they wrote, but when salt and other minerals together with it are removed from the Mediterranean’s sea water, little or none of the minerals remain.UltraStream2If you don’t believe us, here’s another study where scientists changed the water fed to rabbits to reduced minerals. They changed nothing else, but the result was clear.
Increased cardiovascular risk.

Reverse osmosis desalination strips all minerals from our water.

And yes, that’s why we use magnesium as our alkalizing mineral in our ultra filtration UltraStream.

We encourage you to investigate it as a real alternative to reverse osmosis. It’s our own design, made in the US and is the most tested domestic water system available.

In fact we’ll make a bold claim. It is extremely close to RO in filtration using new technology only available in the UltraStream

Incredibly efficient filtration over a vast spectrum of contaminants, both organic and inorganic.
One filter cartridge instead of up to seven.
Simple 5 m filter change. No need to call in an expert.
Simple installation.
Adds magnesium
Adds molecular hydrogen.

Learn more here if you in the US, here for Canada, here for UK/EU, here for Australia

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