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Meet another AlkaWay Team Member

johnbJohn Beithan is our US operations manager. He’s been with us long enough now to become one of the team, even though we only meet on Skype. The last time we had ‘quality time’ together was when we shared our exhibit of the UltraStream at ExpoWest,. the largest natural products expo in the world.

I asked John to tell me his experience with his conversion to ‘the Alka-Way’.

“About three years ago I started working with a nutritionist because I was having some health problems. He suggested I was probably dehydrated and wanted to sell me a $4,000 electronic ionizer. I always wanted one but I just wasn’t going to spend that kind of money. It didn’t make sense. A few months later he called to let me know he’d been testing and loved his new non-electronic UltraStream natural ionizer that was priced under 0 – designed by an Australian company who had sold ,000 ionizers, but developed the UltraStream for obvious reasons. He suggested I get one and I did.

A week and half after using the UltraStream leg cramps I had were gone. From that point forward things just got better. Over a period a few months my blood pressure dropped 30 points and today, I feel better and better every single day. It’s been 3-years now without a flu, cold or allergy problem since using the UltraStream. I’m convinced it’s the combination of good clean hydration and hydrogen rich water. Beyond that, it’s the education Alkaway provides.

I’m proud to be benefiting and working with Alkaway in Australia, a small company that continues to walk the talk of the alkaline lifestyle after sixteen years. You CAN feel better every single day. I help people with that. That’s what I do and who I am.


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