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Ian’s latest Walkabout… er.. sitabout.. with Cassie

Today we are at AlkaWay talking about urine tests and pH balance…

and why you may still have acidic urine even though you are drinking alkaline water from the UltraStream – or any other water ionizer.

Urine pH is a multifaceted question and you can’t simply expect it to change just because you eat broccoli (as an example). It has been ‘sold’ that acidic pH is ‘bad’ and alkaline pH is good. This is true… generally, but there’s more involved as you will see on this example Cassie discusses.

I’ll be talking about canned hydrogen water plus some new products we are evaluating.

BTW if you’d like a free pH test we can send you one if you are in Australia. For all you unlucky people not living ‘down under’, you can get one on Amazon. Yes, we will send the AlkaSachets or the UltraStream anywhere in the world.

To learn more about:

Alkaline Balance, Water Ionizers and Filters


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