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A Good Laugh about Molecular Hydrogen

OK, OK. I am sure that other nationalities have a good laugh about some translations of English that Mother Google manages to mangle.

So my Japanese friends, please excuse me. I am laughing at Google, not you. I was looking at a Japanese company that manufactures canned H2 water, and clicked through to their testimonial page. Google took over and translated for me. This is the result.

“Three years continues to drink hydrogen water”

81-year-old man scheduled flight courses, such as high blood pressure medicine, is good physical condition of and one day are at various drinking are drinking this hydrogen water every morning

“Like skin has become even more beautiful!”

Women scheduled flights course second month forties usual I went to the beauty salon “M’s, where 1 to not something in two months?” And asked the hairdresser’s “like skin has become even more beautiful ! I was told. ” Once you have the story of the hydrogen water, that of the hydrogen water was not out expensive hand I was not in the mood for a long time. We recommended regular flights.

“Stomach can drink without feeling the burden!”

50s woman scheduled flights course the second day Okigake does not drink the water, but you can drink without feeling a burden on the stomach because it is light water! Head was dull.

“I feel energetic than the age of the person.”

40s male trial course first hangover in the morning, I feel awake abandon. I feel energetic than the age of the person.We want to continue to a long time dating.

“Tired is no longer remain.”

30 Young Men regular flight course third day tired is no longer remain. Since he has become better physical condition, I would recommend to people for health.

“I think that bowel movement was getting better.”

50s woman scheduled flights course the third day I think that bowel movement got better.
Since the person is a lot that are drinking mineral water, those who drank the good things in the body if the same drink is I think good.

“I feel that in the morning to clean the can.”

Day 4 50 Young Men scheduled flights course feel that the next morning refreshing drank before going to bed to.

“I wake up! That thing in the middle of the night is
no longer so much.”

Women in their 30s regular course 3 months sleep is but shallow for you, and start drinking the hydrogen water, wake up in the middle of the night compared to the previous! That there is
no longer much.
Lucena is the size outright drink, taste is also delicious. I get tired easily at low blood pressure, but I feel tired, but is slightly has been reduced.

Body now may be through your feeling became lightly

Women in their 30s trial course 10 days have upset come to various places since the birth, was particularly rash, fatigue, suffering because every day in unhealthy state to be chased by the malaise, such as … child care had been followed . I bought immediately to see that have been published in magazines. We drink to waking up and a bath, but refreshing to feel that soak into a smooth stop and the body. Body now may be through your feeling became lightly.
We want to continue in the future.

 Love you google!

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