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Orange Juice vs. AlkaWay Water

tropicana orange juice.jpg.662x0 q100 crop scaleBack at school I was a coke freak. Coca Cola that is. Then I ‘got smart’ and began to care about my health so I went for the next dominant paradigm; orange juice. Now I drink water; alkaline hydrogen infused water. So what’s so bad about orange juice?

Well, according to this article from the Atlantic magazine, lots. It’s not just a comparison article: it’s a history lesson on how were conned from way back in the 1920’s about why we needed orange juice.

I heartily recommend a read.

As for the water I drink – it’s so much more to me than a drink of water. It’s an integral part of what I want from my personal health regime. It gives me what may soon be found to be the best antioxidant in the world. Not only that, it has the best tests results yet on infused hydrogen, which in turn is a fabulous anti inflammatory. So my water fulfils important parts of my plan. Not only that, hydrogen supports the production of glutathione, which is our body’s natural and powerful detoxifier.

Finally, it isn’t what it has as much as what it hasn’t. It hasn’t got the sugar that makes orange juice on a par with that awful stuff I drank at school.

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