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Do you REALLY want to heal?

ZThis morning Cassie and I were discussing people (ourselves) and their apparent reluctance to accept healing. It came about because in the last week two of our staff have come down with what they identified as food poisoning. One was our son, Neil, who must’ve been feeling very bad because he woke us up in the early hours asking for help. Cassie sat with him, put her hand on his head as he lay in bed and he quickly went to sleep. In the morning, he was fine.

We’ve been really looking closely at the psychology of sickness because we’re attending a course on managing the ego. Who, me? Ego? And we have witrnessed a number of people in the course who talked about mental issues so strong that they became physical pain.. which of course makes you wonder whether the physical pain is real.. especially when 5 minutes of a Mother’s love seems to be able tpo cure food poisoning.

I’m not saying that if you are sick it’s just a mind game, but what I am saying is that here at AlkaWay we do find there is a ‘niche’ of people who want to talk about their sickness but really don’t want to take the steps to fix it. Why is that? Some actually get very defensive when we talk about the alkaline lifestyle. I can’t pin their behaviour down to one thing – they are too clever for that, but what i can say is that all of them have fear of change such that they will actively choose against change that may give them a much happier life.

Hmm.. what do you think?


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