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Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Molecular Hydrogen can be as effective as caffeine in increasing alertness when sleep deprived, but in different ways. Learn the science and beat the morning drag.

Are you 23% Healthy or...

Are you 23% Healthy or…

Forget about the elections, climate change or Covid! Think about what this means in terms of the health of a nation! TERRIBLE results for USA health conditions.

The untold truth about what supports our life; cell signalling

What single biological function has been essential to every living organism’s growth, health and advancement – and is more important than any other? It’s called cell signalling; the ability for one cell in the body to ‘talk’ to another. Now here’s another question for you. What biological process does one in every three pharmaceutical drugs […]

Molecular Hydrogen Water test results for Diabetes

In 4 of 6 patients with IGT, intake of molecular hydrogen-rich water normalized the oral glucose tolerance test. Wow. As you know we’re keeping up with all the new published studies on the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen, similar to that produced by our UltraStream. This study looks great for the future of H2 for […]

We Compare 3 Water Ionizers for Molecular Hydrogen

Now we have a reagent test designed specifically to test for the presence of molecular hydrogen in our water, it’s easier for potential buyers to see what they are getting – or not. We know now that molecular hydrogen is the most important ‘secret ingredient’ in water ionizer water, and that the higher the H2 […]

Is your medical procedure necessary?

What if millions of medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments were based on, at best, questionable scientific evidence, but still performed daily, the world over, in the name of saving patients lives or reducing their suffering? A new JAMA review indicates this may be exactly what is happening.    A disturbing new review published in JAMA online about overuse of […]

A Simple Guide to Saturated Fats

With regard to health, saturated fat is most looked at for its perceived influence on heart disease through interacting with cholesterol and plasma triglycerides. Several meta-analysis have been carried out on saturated fat and the perceived risk of heart health. In these meta-analyses, there’s scant evidence that saturated fat increases risk for Cardiovascular Diseases. However, […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Molecular Hydrogen

There’s a lovely lady out there somewhere whom we’ve known for years now. Her name is Merrilyn and she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has sought relief through alkalizing, and has experienced some relief over the years. But RA is a cruel ailment. It hurts, it degenerates and it seem to seldom if ever leave. So […]

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