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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study shows hydrogen water may assist.

Hydrogen water is what we do. Using O-Dobi Media in our UltraStream filter we create water with High (higher than normal H2O) levels of hydrogen. We also increase vital levels of magnesium and calcium but that’s another benefit I will touch on later. Up until now this involved the purchase of a complex and expensive […]


I grabbed this scientific study with both hands. Recovering from severe osteoporosis, I needed good news, particularly given that I have been drinking electrolytically ionized water for over 13 years. Alas, the report was, to my mind, inconclusive at best, and came down to a comparison of calcium absorption. I am still a huge fan […]


As many of my readers know, I had a rather unwelcome surprise fifteen months ago when I had a mild ‘ankle sprain’ fall off my son’s skateboard. The result? Broken leg, and after a Dexa scan, I was informed I had severe osteoporosis. A great gift after 13 years on the alkaline diet and much […]

What an amazing world! Goats producing human milk enzymes.

Researchers from University of California Davis have reported in PLOS ONE the development of transgenic goats that produce lysozyme, an antimicrobial normally found in human breast milk. The idea is to use the milk to prevent or alleviate the effects of gastrointestinal infections. The team then setup an experiment where two groups of pigs infected […]

Reverse Osmosis ‘Pure’ water Argument Finally Put to Rest

There has been a debate raging for many years amongst water filter professionals. In the one camp is the ‘pure water’ advocates who insist that we are better off drinking the purest form of H2O possible (‘Pure’ meaning devoid even of minerals) In the other camp, there are the professionals who believe that we should drink water […]

Hard (alkaline) Water: A comprehensive report on its value for health

THE WATER STORY & HEART DISEASE Source: HEALTHY WATER Martin Fox, Ph.D. “Over the years many studies have been published on the relationship between drinking water and cardiovascular mortality. Two beneficial factors continually stand out – hardness and total dissolved solids. Both have been associated with lower mortality from heart disease. Hardness refers to the […]

Salt and Calcium; adding a bit more muddle to the ‘how much salt’ question.

 (with thanks to NEW HOPE 360) “Too much salt could mean too little calcium, say researchers.” This headline yesterday, caught my attention—partly because I have learned that when researchers focus on calcium, they tend to ignore other minerals and cofactors: magnesium in particular and, to a lesser extent, vitamin D. The study, conducted by University of […]

Is your Reverse Osmosis Water stealing nutrients from your body?

That glass of water treated by reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier in your home is certainly keeping you healthy. But it may also be responsible for filtering out minerals that help assimilate vital nutrients and produce vitamin B-12. No, it’s not proven. Scientific studies and researches are yet to establish this, but conjectures by physicians […]

To fruit or not to fruit?

We are very happy to have our very own Naturopath, Nicola Simpson joining us at AlkaWay. Today we decided that with Nicola’s help, we would tackle a few dominant paradigms together. This morning was our first brainstorm and the subject was whether the fruit is actually bad for us, or the golden dream food we […]

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