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As many of my readers know, I had a rather unwelcome surprise fifteen months ago when I had a mild ‘ankle sprain’ fall off my son’s skateboard. The result? Broken leg, and after a Dexa scan, I was informed I had severe osteoporosis. A great gift after 13 years on the alkaline diet and much of the reason for Cassie’s innovation, the Alkaline Paleo Diet.
Well, I had my latest Dexa scan a month ago and my pelvis is around 8% better which is apparently good. But I can say that it wasn’t my alkaline ionized water that did it, even though i still love my water – but Cassie’s research and her bon-friendly supplementation of Vitamins K2, D and A.
K2 is also available from dairy cows on green grass, and from their meat. We are lucky enough to have a good supply of grass fed beef, and I’m supplementing daily.
I think this extract from a company site sums up the role of K2 better than i can, particularly the ‘calcium paradox’. I’ve been concerned for quite some time at how the body manages our calcium so that it goes where it is supposed to you instead of becoming an atherosclerosis risk factor.
“Vitamin K2 MK-7 plays a crucial role in the calcium balance and aids the optimal distribution of calcium in the body.
Several recent high profile studies have reported an increased risk of cardiovascular disease associated with high calcium intake from particularly dietary supplements in men & women.
MGP – the strongest known inhibitor of arterial calcification – is activated by vitamin K2 MK-7 and works by binding calcium. As a consequence, it inhibits calcium from depositing in the arterial cell wall.
Osteocalcin is synthesized inside the bone forming cell where it is activated by the presence of Vitamin K2, MK-7. Upon this activation it can bind calcium efficiently and contribute to the formation of a stronger bone structure (hydroxyapatite).The “calcium paradox” describes the relationship between osteoporosis and atherosclerosis – a phenomenon that largely can be explained by lack of activation of osteocalcin and MGP.With the presence of vitamin K2 MK-7, sufficient activation of osteocalcin and MGP takes place. Calcium is removed from the blood stream and tied up into the bone mass.”

As promised, here’s the latest report on the bone building effect of K2.
Worth a read by every sugar-addicted acidic human of median age.

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