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Thank you Elaine!

Want to know how to make an AlkaWay team member’s day? Tell us, just like Elaine did this morning, that you love your UltraStream. Elaine rang to ask about filter life. She had been away for a couple of months in which time she didn’t use the UltraStream. She had called to ask if she […]

Just what does Fracking do to our drinking water? Read and be scared.

‘Fracking’ Wastewater That Is Treated For Drinking Produces Potentially Harmful Compounds “Enhanced Formation of Disinfection By-Products in Shale Gas Wastewater-Impacted Drinking Water Supplies” Environmental Science & Technology Concerns that fluids from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” are contaminating drinking water abound. Now, scientists are bringing to light another angle that adds to the controversy. A new […]

Spring has Sprung In Australia (Sorry US and UK!) and it’s DETOX time again!

Erica is our in-house naturopath here at AlkaWay. She keeps us all healthy and educated. Here’s her ‘take’ on spring detox. Worth a read! Spring, an ideal time to detox By: Erica Whisson (B Nat, B Com) During winter we naturally tend to eat heavier and more warming foods. They are the foods we need […]

Compared: Bottled Water to UltraStream water

Bottled Water versus owning your own UltraStream Alkaline Water Ioniser Author Diana Michaels is one of our many Alkaway distributors, way down in Busselton, Western Australia . Ian: Diana, thank you so much for this! The cost of 15 litres of bottled water delivered to your home is about $19.95. A commercial price could be as […]

Pesticides. We get asked about them in your water – often!

QUESTION: 1. Are pesticides a serious problem in our drinking waters? 2. Are there systems that can remove them? ANSWER: 1. Sometimes. 2. Yes. What are pesticides? The legal definition of ‘‘pesticide’’ is: (1) any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest; (2) any substance or mixture of substances […]

Eight Steps To Super Healthy Water from AlkaWay

Eight Steps To Super Healthy Water   In our last blog post, we talked about the “why” of our revolutionary UltraStream alkaline water filter system: Why Our Filtration Process is Better. This post has a little more detail on how the eight step system works and what each step adds to the quality of the […]

Why our Filtration Process is better

Why Our Water Filtration Process is Better Water filters are everywhere. They range in cost from under twenty dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an under-sink, electrically powered reverse osmosis system (like our own UltRo System). So what makes our energy-saving UltraStream mechanical filtration system a truly outstanding choice for American families? […]

Ian’s Weekly Walkabout and Talkabout. Filtering the _____ out of filter claims

This week I’m talking about filter performance claims. It’s a big issue that just gets below the radar of most consumers. If you’ve never sighted our ‘whole-of-life’ laboratory test results, click here. How we calculate a ‘whole of life’ filter test. Firstly we make a calculation on how many litres we expect the filter to […]

Lung Disease from your Drinking Water?

Very close to home… a very good reason NOT to buy a water filter.. a cheap one anyway. And all the people affected by NTM disease are on TOWN WATER.

China Air Disaster: coming to a land near YOU

The Chinese Premier showed his ‘solidarity’ with the people by walking outside to demonstrate that he cares about air quality.  The tragedy of this ‘air disaster’, with readings often hundreds of times higher than safe levels, is that it’s not just ‘smoke’.   It’s highly toxic and laden with all the stuff China has preferred […]

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