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What’s In Your Water?

The latest USA official tally of ‘notified’ contaminants in public drinking water is 315. More than half of these pollutants have zero regulation standards. Amongst those that do have standards. FORTY-NINE are over the safe level.

As you know, we’ve been supplying water ionizers and filters for 12 years. That’s a lotta water through our filters (to mangle a metaphor) – and we’ve learned a bit along the way.

So here’s our basic rule. Having the best filtration you can buy is the best all-round choice.

We know that our water ionizer do wonderful things to the water that comes out of the inline filter, but it’s the inline filter that really matters for health. And we have reluctantly come to the knowledge that a basic carbon filter is just not good enough anymore.

We designed UltraStream specifically to target the modern offenders in our water today. Yes, it takes care of the “simple” problems like chlorine and lead, but it also handles the more difficult things like chloramine, THMs, chromium-6, fluoride, pesticides, etc.

If you can find a better filter in a water ionizer anywhere, buy it.

Superb alkalizing and antioxidants combined with zero waste water, small footprint and simple operation… now that’s a package. And guess what our biggest problem is? It’s the fact that some people just can’t believe it’s true.

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