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UltraStream: Why it’s different than any other water ionizer and how it evolved

the UltraStream water filter, water ionizer, water alkalizer and hydrogen infused water system isn’t a one-off product. It’s an evolution from electric water ionizer to natural, from high cost and maintenance to simplicity and high end filtration. Ian Blair Hamilton is the designer of the UltraStream and is founder of AlkaWay in 2000. He is […]

Human reproduction, health broadly damaged by toxic chemicals: report

When an international group of pro medicos tells us our ability to reproduce is being affected by toxins, it’s probably worth taking notice. A new report by a group of international medicos published this week says just that. Who? The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), that’s who! They are talking about exposure to […]

Thank you California! You’ve banned Microbeads!

What are they, you ask? They are tiny bits of plastic used for all sorts of weird purposes. Over 800 trillion microbeads enter US wastewater daily, and because water treatment plants were never designed to handle this new source of pollution, a lot of the microplastics end up in rivers and lakes, get ingested by various […]

Is your water filter / water bottle / water jug BPA free

I can clearly remember when polycarbonate water bottles were the best bottle to buy. It wasn’t so long ago! And now we are seeing results coming in on the effects. PA in mothers’ urine linked to low birth weights in China It appears that a pregnant woman’s exposure to BPA can increase the risk of delivering […]

The Cost of UltraStream filter replacement

Cassie had an inquiry from a lady today about the cost of filters for the UltraStream today. The lady wanted a comparison between what it would cost to replicate the power of filtration of an UltraStream by buying alternative filters. Here’s what she came up with! Hi Mia,   Sorry but we don’t make much […]

15 Facts Most People Just Don’t Know About Fluoride

Ian: I’m studying a paper right now on the link between pre-eclampsia and fluoride. Coincidentally or not, this came across my desk at the same time. Advocates of fluoride say its use in municipal water systems poses no adverse health concerns, however results from investigations clearly state the opposite. There has been considerable research done […]

Toilet-To-Tap In 150 Seconds.. but…

According to the company that developed the system, wastewater and seawater can be made drinkable in a mere 150 seconds using new technology. And they claim it can work in homes! Mexican firm Jhostoblak Corporate is targeting its invention at households and industrial facilities. It’s called PQUA, and it separates and removes contaminants from wastewater and seawater. […]

Fluoride: It’s not just Australia where people aren’t happy!

Fluorosis has been spreading in Turkey, but no comprehensive research has been conducted to identify areas with higher than permissible fluoride rates in drinking water, according to experts. The element fluorine may be essential in the human body for cellular health in minute amounts. But it creates a major health problem when the minimal daily dose of fluorine […]

A He Fish? A She Fish. A (S)He fish?

Most of us have heard of birth control pills causing sex changes in native fish. Few of us have pondered whether it’s also happening to us…. We already know Birth control pills and herbicides wreak all kinds of havoc on the sexual development of aquatic life.. and perhaps even our children. Now the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has discovered […]

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