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Fluoride: It’s not just Australia where people aren’t happy!

Fluorosis has been spreading in Turkey, but no comprehensive research has been conducted to identify areas with higher than permissible fluoride rates in drinking water, according to experts.

The element fluorine may be essential in the human body for cellular health in minute amounts. But it creates a major health problem when the minimal daily dose of fluorine is exceeded. Depending on the degree of overdose and its duration, excessive fluorine causes fluorosis, with toxic effects on health.
We are seeing evidence of infertility, bone tissue loss and thyroid gland malfunctions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) made the rule: fluoride in drinking water is permissible up until 1.5 parts per million (ppm) per liter. Above this can cause fluoride poisoning. The WHO’s report also reveals that Turkey is one of 25 countries in the world, along with China, India and Iran, that has endemic fluorosis. Some reports found that various villages in central Turkey have fluoride in their drinking water up to 4.28 ppm, almost three times the permissible rate.

Ümit Demirel, a researcher and a practicing dentist at Bakırköy Hospital in İstanbul,  studied incidence of fluorosis in villages near the cities of Ağrı, Denizli, Manisa and Van.

“In Turkey, there is no comprehensive research that identifies the risk areas for fluorosis. We do not know enough which areas have high levels of fluoride in the drinking water or to what extent humans and animals are influenced by it,” Demirel added.

Demirel says fluoride can enter public water systems from natural sources, including runoff water from the weathering of fluoride-containing rocks and soils and leaching from the soil into the groundwater. Fluoride pollution from various industrial discharges and emissions can also contaminate water sources.

But fluorosis has been brushed off by public officials because of the misconception that there are more serious health issues in Turkey that need to be prioritized other than high levels of fluoride.

Demirel expressed that government efforts to eradicate this disease have been chronically delayed. “I was invited to a meeting on Dec. 17 with the head of the Ministry of Health’s Institute of Public Health, to discuss projects. But he was removed from his position and I have not received any calls from the new one [manager],” Demirel said.


Demirel’s research highlights a case of fluorosis from the border district of Çaldıran in the eastern highlands.

Meanwhile back here in Australia protesters gather daily in Lismore, NSW to protest against their locqal council’s hard-opposed decision to take the $$ from the government that is given to councils who say ‘yes’ to fluoride.

And of course, we ARE doing rather well supplying fluoride reducing Ultrastreams to the same locals. We admit it.

But.. we are as opposed to chemicals in our water supply as anyone – perhaps more, because we see so much evidence pass across our desks on a  daily basis.


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