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Toilet-To-Tap In 150 Seconds.. but…

According to the company that developed the system, wastewater and seawater can be made drinkable in a mere 150 seconds using new technology. And they claim it can work in homes!

Mexican firm Jhostoblak Corporate is targeting its invention at households and industrial facilities. It’s called PQUA, and it separates and removes contaminants from wastewater and seawater.

The problem is – as always – with so-called “toilet-to-tap” technology: will the public can get onboard. As Good magazine put it,

“Would you be OK to drink purified human wastewater?” 

The company spokesperson “hopes that unclean water, regardless of the content of pollutants and microorganisms, can be taken from households, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities and recycled back for safe human consumption,”

According to Investigación y Desarrollo, a publication of the Mexican media company Consultoría en Prensa y Comunicación, the technology also recovers valuable materials in the wastewater.  (Ian: I-Phones? Credit cards?:)

“The methodology is founded on molecular dissociation of water pollutants to recover the minerals necessary…for the human body to function properly nourished,” engineers at the firm said.

The technology also aims to save energy, relying on gravity to move materials when it’s feasible. The system uses a combination of eight elements to break down other materials. During the purification process, neither gases, odors, nor toxic elements that may damage or alter the environment, human health or quality of life are generated,”.

The process clears out both organic and inorganic solids that collect into sludge at the bottom of the container. Sludge is removed and examined to determine if it can have any application as fertilizer or manufactured construction materials. The remaining liquid goes on to many more steps of purification, such as removing dissolved elements, turbidity, odors, colors, and flavors. At the end of the line, the finished product is treated with ozone to ensure purity.

The company has a pilot plant at its offices, where it tested the technology, according to Engineering & Technology Magazine. “Once the water treatment is complete, the liquid should be clear and with a neutral taste,” E&T reported.

Ian: So.. would you install a system that took YOUR waste and purified it?

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