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Thank you Elaine!

Want to know how to make an AlkaWay team member’s day?

Tell us, just like Elaine did this morning, that you love your UltraStream.

Elaine rang to ask about filter life. She had been away for a couple of months in which time she didn’t use the UltraStream. She had called to ask if she should wait another couple of months over the 12 months before replacing her filter. I told her that it was fine to do so but advised that a filter that has gotten to its use-by date may not necessarily exhibit the usual symptoms of impending life end, like slow flow or stopping.

If you have particularly organic sediment, your filter may be 12 months old, still flow properly, but the organic ‘junk’ it has collected (as a good filter should!) may begin to decay. When that happens you can have taste changes signifying the fact that something ain’t right. I like to change mine after 12 months no matter what, becasue of this possible in-filter contaminant possibility.

Elaine had also just tested the pH of her water and after 12 months it was still giving 9.5 plus, indicating a strong flow of hydrogen rich water.

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