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Water Filtration considerations when I bought my place.

As I was awaiting settlement, I had time to consider what water filter I would get, if any. Maybe it wasn’t worth going to the expense of buying a filter when I won’t be there to use it for long. On the very first day I got the keys I decided that absolutely YES. It was going to be worth it. I almost spat out the first mouthful of town water I had. Then there was the shower to consider and is a chlorine chamber really all that bad.

Wow, Is it time yet to buy a water filter…..? Especially if you live in Florida!

Last Updated:August 1st 2016 Florida commission about to rule on drinking water chemical allowance increases. The Environmental Regulatory Commission of Florida will vote this month to increase the number of regulated chemicals in Florida drinking water. Now, you lucky Floriorians, you can have 92 chemicals in your water instead of just 54. The good news is […]

How are water filters tested and how are the tests used to sell water purifiers?

If you’re looking at buying the best water filter, wouldn’t you like to know it will do what it says? Unfortunately, 99% of water filters on the market are sold in the knowledge that you don’t know and will probably decide to believe what they tell you it will do. Water filter vendors service a huge market […]

Water filters and Hard Water. 4 Choices you need to consider.

Hard water is water with high levels of alkaline minerals. It is the result of having high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium ions. Dissolved rock causes scale, which impedes appliance performance and is the direct cause of energy inefficiencies and increased utility costs. It can be a serious problem for many water filter systems […]

Bill Gates drinks Poo Water

Credit where it’s due: I didn’t develop the information I’m sharing — but it’s too good to merely retweet or “like.” My enthusiasm stems from one of the world’s most famous, influential, and capable people getting fully behind sustainable wastewater treatment and direct potable reuse, bringing widespread attention to typically underappreciated water issues. That person […]

What’s In Your Water?

The latest USA official tally of ‘notified’ contaminants in public drinking water is 315. More than half of these pollutants have zero regulation standards. Amongst those that do have standards. FORTY NINEare  over the safe level. As you know, we;vebeen supplying water ionizers and filters for 12 years. That’s a lotta water through our filters […]

A Telling Post about Clean Water

Charlie Meurer is a senior chemical engineer at Stanley Consultants, Iowa. He specialises in water purification. I think his summation of the environmental status of our water supplies is ‘right on’. “You must die from some cause as it is the will of Allah. There are still radionuclides in the environment from the genius atmospheric […]