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Wow, Is it time yet to buy a water filter…..? Especially if you live in Florida!

Last Updated:August 1st 2016

Florida commission about to rule on drinking water chemical allowance increases.

The Environmental Regulatory Commission of Florida will vote this month to increase the number of regulated chemicals in Florida drinking water.

Now, you lucky Floriorians, you can have 92 chemicals in your water instead of just 54.

The good news is that the panel will reduce the allowable limits on 13 regulated chemicals, including cyanide and beryllium.

The bad news is that it will raise the allowable limit on more than 24 other acknowledged carcinogenic chemicals “from levels that are from 20 percent to 1,100 percent higher than the current standards.”

Its the Act’s first update since 1992. One would have thought that things would be getting better with updates.. not worse.

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