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Why our Filtration Process is better

Img-waterWhy Our Water Filtration Process is Better

Water filters are everywhere. They range in cost from under twenty dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an under-sink, electrically powered reverse osmosis system (like our own UltRo System).
So what makes our energy-saving UltraStream mechanical filtration system a truly outstanding choice for American families?


The UltraStream filtration system comes in a good-looking case — white or black and brushed metal — and can be used on a countertop, or it can be installed under your sink for in-line service through a water filter tap. It’s compact and well designed, with an easy to change filter stack and a compact footprint.


The UltraStream filtration system creates the best alkaline water you’ll find, both in terms of effectiveness and taste, but that’s not all it does. It will also add molecxular hydrogen and antioxidant negative ions, while it removes harmful toxins. For example, the UltraStream will remove excess fluoride from water, lowering the concentration by up to 70 percent. It also filters harmful organic particles, pesticides and pharmaceuticals and removes heavy metals and chemicals like chlorine, chloramines and trihalomethanes, too.

Developed Over More Than a Decade

It took us over a decade of research and testing to hunt down the filtration layers needed to purify ordinary tap water through a process of extreme filtration, and then transform it into a health-enhancing drink accessible every day. The UltraStream system creates water with enhanced hydrogen supplementation that is also ionized to act as an antioxidant.

Fully Researched and Tested

 At AlkaWay, we — unlike many of our competitors — are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We commissioned Griffith University to perform independent  testing to analyze our filtered water under conditions reflecting the full one-year life span of the filter – not just the filter in as-new condition.

What did they find?
The UltraStream continues to perform up to spec for 12 months and up to 3,000 liters of water. The UltraStream system continues to increase the hydrogen concentration in the water 10,000 times and deliver oxidation / reduction potential, or ORP, of -350 millivolts up to an entire one year life of the filter. It also keeps the water’s pH in a healthy, alkaline range of 8 to 10.

Taken together, this means that the UltraStream alkaline water ioniser outperforms more energy intensive systems that are offered at many times the cost. You can use it on your countertop or, with an inexpensive installation kit, under your sink. Once you’ve researched the benefits of alkaline water and ionized hydrogen water and looked into the alternatives that are currently on the market, you’ll agree that the UltraStream system offers an amazing value and that no health conscious household should be without it.

Our water filters were designed in Australia, tested in the US, and are manufactured in California, so you know that you can trust the quality and consistency of our products.

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