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Eight Steps To Super Healthy Water from AlkaWay

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In our last blog post, we talked about the “why” of our revolutionary UltraStream alkaline water filter system: Why Our Filtration Process is Better. This post has a little more detail on how the eight step system works and what each step adds to the quality of the water your family drinks. Then, you’ll have the details you need to fill in the blanks, and you’ll know that you have solid knowledge to base your decision on.


The UltraStream system really is an amazing development is water filtration. You won’t be surprised to hear that it does more than a cheap carbon filter, but you might be amazed at how well it performs even when compared to more expensive systems. Here are the eight filter layers and a quick summary of what each one adds to its performance.


Step 1: Anti-Bacteria Shield


This filter shield is the first line of defense against dirt and bacteria. It removes particulate matter from the water and helps to keep the rest of the filter system clean.


Step 2: Remove Fluoride From Water


Fluoride is routinely added to water supplies because of concerns about dental health. However, the levels of fluoride in our drinking water are considered too risky to emulate in much of the world, including the European Union. That’s why we have a filter layer that’s specifically designed to lower the level of fluoride in your drinking water by up to 70 percent. Our fluoride reduction media is NSF approved and tested not to leach into the outflow water.


Step 3: KDF-55


KDF-55 is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, an independent, international standards, certification and testing organization that specializes in public health issues. KDF-55 has been specially developed to reduce the concentration of heavy metals in drinking water, and it also helps to eliminate bacteria and scale within the filtration system.


Step 4: Catalytic Carbon


There’s a reason why the most basic water filters are carbon-based, and there’s also a reason why we’ve chosen catalytic carbon for our carbon filter layer. The main purpose of this layer is to strip out the chlorine that’s used to kill bacteria in the municipal water treatment process. It also removes chloramines, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Way more than standard carbon.


Step 5: Tourmaline Crystal


The Tourmaline Crystal is a water “polisher” that improves the taste of your drinking water.


Step 6: O-Dobi Beads


This filtration layer was a long time coming; AlkaWay spent ten years looking for the perfect material to add molecular hydrogen and alkalize their water. These porous, ceramic beads have a core of magnesium and calcium, which is slowly released into the water. In an independent test, they delivered three times more hydrogen than an electric water ionizer that sells for $4000.


Step 7: Ceramic Magnets


These magnets expand the effect of the O-Dobi Beads and help to stabilize the water’s pH.


Step 8: Crystal Quartz


The crystal quartz layer makes the final adjustment to the flavor of the water, leaving it with a pleasant, neutral taste.


Taken all together and in sequence, these filtration layers will give you the best tasting and most health enhancing water available in this or any price range.

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