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The Stomach and alkaline ionized water. A scientist’s viewpoint.

6a00e554f403b688340134896d3c7b970c 800wiAs you’d be aware if you are a regular blog follower, there is some debate about the effects of alkaliene water on stomach acid. Tyler LeBaron, molecular hydrogen scientist, was asked about this question. Here’s his response.

“First off you do not need stomach acid for digestion.

In fact you don’t even need your stomach for digestion.

The acid is primarily there to kill pathogenic bacteria and mix things up well. True however that the acid is important for the absorption of some nutrients.

Second the water (alkaline ionized water) is not a buffer, so it will hardly affect the stomach acid. It would take ≈ 500 liters of ionized water pH 10 to neutralize 0.5 liters of stomach acid at pH of 1.

Thirdly, the fact that the water is alkaline may activate parietal cell activity, which results in the release of more acid. IStudies with rats, dogs, monkeys and humans with pH meters placed in their stomachs showed that drinking ERW resulted in an increase in gastric acid production.”

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