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Why has the Alkaline Paleo Diet Made Me SO Clear Thinking with Such an Even Mood?

All the Amino Acids are Necessary for An Easy Going Mood

I just listened to a doctor explain another reason why I am so happy and clearing minded on the Alkaline Paleo diet!

Apart from the fact that I am just healthy and getting all the nutrition my brain and body needs there’s even more benefits on being on the diet.

Dr Daniel Kalish treats people who have depression with natural foods.

From what I heard from him, I am finally getting all the Amino acids including L-Cysteine from good quality protein (eggs, fish and pasture fed meats), plenty of organic greenvegetables which supplies another important ingredient, 5HTP, and I’m getting plenty of Vitamin B6 which is necessary for amino acid and neurotransmitter synthesis (Serotonin & Dopamine).

There is evidence that shows that vegetarians are more depressed than meat eaters.  I can vouch for that!  Not only was I not getting the amino acids I needed but the high carbs were feeding the bad bacteria in my gut making me sick in mind and body.

Alkaline water: A Great Detoxifier and Antioxidant Booster

I’m drinking good water which is a great detoxifier and I’ve taken out coffee and alcohol to give the liver a chance to get healthy so it can do its job of detoxifying. After my last binge in Italy my liver actually hurt to touch!

Eating Gluten Has A Big Effect on Mental Health

Another important thing is I am not eating any gluten. Gluten has a huge effect on the brain, not only does it have an opioid like effect but it also increases Serotonin which I would have thought was a good thing, but it’s not. The reason being is if we make too much Serotonin then our Dopamine is not being balanced and we are back in trouble again brain balance wise. We need a balance of Serotonin (the calming neurotransmitter) and Dopomine (the exiting neurotransmitter) to have the best happiness opportunity!

Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Of course my blood sugar levels are balanced without the up and down of a high carb diet.  This means that I don’t get  mean if I don’t get something to eat on time!

Not Feeding the Little Critters!

Also I am not feeding those bad bacteria whose excretions go into my blood stream through my gut wall from leaky gut.  This phenomena leads to foggy thinking.

Healthy Fats Feeds the Hormonal System and the Brain

Add to this that I am getting plenty of healthy fats (coconut oil, meat fats) which are giving me plenty of good cholesterol to create a good hormonal balance.  Also coconut oils medium chain fatty acids creates Ketones which is a great source of energy for the brain.

All these factors are balancing my thinking so I am able to distinguish between the important things in my life that I need to address (like my present food choices) and the things that really aren’t important at all (like whether home is a bit of a mess!).

No wonder I am just so darned happy my body and mind are finally getting the chance to function as they should! I sure hope I’m not going to get caught again like I did with my Italian experience. Cross fingers!

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