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The Astounding Information Available on The Paleo Diet/Low Carb, High Fat Diet.

What I have found out about the Paleo diet is that people on it seem to be such givers.  The information that these people are contributing in blogs is astounding and most of it seems  to be given in the spirit of truly wanting to help people get healthy.

I also love the fact that people seem to get more intelligent, emotionally and intellectually on the Paleo diet.   To me this means that our Agrarian (Agriculural diet) diet may have been making us dumber.  Not surprising considering what eating wheat does to the brain with it’s opioid like effect.


Wonderful and informative sites I have found.  Beware there is an astounding amount of them!

This is this wonderful non profit site, Nutrition and Metabolism Society:  which is trying to trying to change the minds of those in charge of  the prevailing paradigm that carbs are good for diabetics.

I know this doesn’t look like it’s a paleo diet and it’s not but it’s an incredible blog by a cardiologist who wrote “Wheat Belly”

Then there is Dr Jay Wortman’s blog.  He made the documentary movie “My Big Fat Diet” using the study he did with Low Carb/High Fat diet on some diabetic Canadian Eskimos.  He has been LC/HF along with all his family for 9 years.  He is now 65 and he says fitter than when he was 40.

Denise Minger, was a raw food proponent when starting her blog but soon found she needed to change as her teeth among other things were starting to become a big problem.  So from raw food to Paleo she went.  She has a brilliant mind and is writing a book called “Death By the Food Pyramid”  which is to be published late 2012.

Of course Jimmy Moore on is the hotspot for everything new in the Paleo/Low Carb, High Fat world.  His interviews are the testimonials of both professional and lay people who just want everyone to know there is an answer!

Dr Davis who wrote Wheat Belly has a wonderful site all about why we really shouldn’t be eating wheat, rye and barley gluten any more.     Such incredible and comprehensive information.

For depression and the natural answers look no further than Dr Daniel Kalish.  He is absolutely in accordance with this diet because he advocates high quality protein which provides all the necessary Amino Acids necessary for good brain health and the necessity for detoxing both our inner and outer environment. Listen to this great podcast for information on how to be able to think well.

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