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UltraStream Hydrogen water Success

Hydrogen Water Report

Matt Gordon called us last week. He’s from Bunnan, NSW.

Matt’s 40 and prior to ordering his UltraStream, was constantly stiff and in pain, had a bloated belly and had, in his words, ‘one foot in the grave’.

He told us that he was on water from a plastic tank. In our experience plastic tanks greatly acidify collected rain water.
Although we know they are ‘approved’ for healthy drinking water, one cannot help but ask what it is that the plastic tank is giving off that is entering and acidifying his water.

Matt decided¬†that he’s going ‘all out’ to change his health and is not only drinking UltraStream water but also using it to dissolve I LOVE H2 tablets.

Matt tell us he’s lost 20 kilo already without changing his diet, his stiffness and pain has gone. His energy levels have ‘gone through the roof’.

One quite amazing story he told us: bags under his eyes disappear when he takes his I LOVE H2 tablets with his UltraStream water.

And.. his old dog was constantly in pain. Now he feeds him H2 water, he’s acting like his puppyhood has returned.

Now.. we have to point out that we are not suggesting that you will have the same effect. We also are legally bound to advise that if you are looking at any change to your health regimen that you should consult your health professional first. And.. I LOVE H2 tablets, which are a special pure form of magnesium that, when dissolved, infuse molecular hydrogen into the water, are imported as a sports supplement.

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