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Turmeric increases memory efficiency, so what about hydrogen?

I received this report today. I’ve seen a number of reports on turmeric recently all raving about its antioxidant and anti inflammation effects, which, as I’ve pointed out, accurately parallels the effects of hydrogen rich water.

“”We found that this modest addition to breakfast improved working memory over six hours in older people with pre-diabetes,””

Now this new report tells us that just one gram of Turmeric improves memory. It made me recall a study by leading Japanese researcher on H2. Just look at the abstract. It’s some years old and you can multiply the numbers by at least two, and it’s awesome!

“”Effects of molecular hydrogen on various diseases have been documented for 63 disease models and human diseases in the past four and a half years.

Most studies have been performed on rodents including two models of Parkinson’s disease and three models of Alzheimer’s disease. Prominent effects are observed especially in oxidative stress-mediated diseases including neonatal cerebral hypoxia; Parkinson’s disease; ischemia/reperfusion of spinal cord, heart, lung, liver, kidney, and intestine; transplantation of lung, heart, kidney, and intestine.

Six human diseases have been studied to date: diabetes mellitus type 2, metabolic syndrome, hemodialysis, inflammatory and mitochondrial myopathies, brain stem infarction, and radiation-induced adverse effects.

Two enigmas, however, remain to be solved. First, no dose-response effect is observed. Rodents and humans are able to take a small amount of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-rich water, but marked effects are observed. Second, intestinal bacteria in humans and rodents produce a large amount of hydrogen, but an addition of a small amount of hydrogen exhibits marked effects. Further studies are required to elucidate molecular bases of prominent hydrogen effects and to determine the optimal frequency, amount, and method of hydrogen administration for each human disease.”

For me, the comment that you need only ingest small amounts to have an effect are borne out by our own observations of our customers. No-one knows why. It just works.

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