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AlkaStream – An Important message

alkastream250pxboth-cutaway-smallerAre you Considering the AlkaStream?

AlkaWay are the originators of the AlkaStream design.

The AlkaStream was originally sold as the AOK909 from China.
AlkaWay took the basic design and improved it with a stronger top, better US made media and a longer spout. We sold over 4000 units worldwide, so why have we given it up?

Unfortunately, we had serious quality control problems with the supplier. Even with the close control we insisted upon, we found that the replacement filters were not to the original high standard.

We also discovered a more serious problem.
The design of the filter uses a form of ceramic to limit bacteria. Unfortunately this media tended to block up very easily. With the incoming water pressure, this caused a pressure buildup of water that could not pass through the filter. It was then found that the casing was not strong enough. When an AlkaStream blew up and broke a 2″ thick granite benchtop with the force of the explosion we knew we had a problem. Of course, if users checked the ceramic and cleaned it sufficiently, it was OK, but it’s a hard job to remove the filter and remove the accreted sediment to allow the filter free water flow.

Finally we found that the outer casing was made from a relatively cheap plastic which succumbed to the pressure, causing it to crack.

Of course if users adhere strictly to the instructions, they will have no risk of explosion. But for us, the accumulated problems meant we were not happy when we could see that something better was possible.

It took us about 2 years to build on what we had learned, with the help of some of America’s best filtration engineers, but the UltraStream was born.
Our biggest change was manufacturing in the US instead of Asia. The
Ultrastream costs us almost 3 times as much as the AlkaStream to make, but we felt that this was our big chance to really ‘raise the bar’ at every level.

Unlike the AlkaStream we specified EPA-approved plastics throughout.
Unlike the AlkaStream we removed anything that could rust.
Unlike the AlkaStream we dispensed with the thinwalled outer casing.
Unlike the AlkaStream we used Spartan carbon, the best carbon in the world.
Unlike the AlkaStream we used USA certified anti-fluoride media with zero ‘leak’ of media.
Unlike the AlkaStream we used the most expensive heavy metal reducing patented media in the world.
Unlike the AlkaStream we dispensed with the potentially dangerous ceramic.
Unlike the AlkaStream we imported a special media that gave better molecular hydrogen infusion for longer.
Unlike the AlkaStream we are continually upgrading the
Ultrastream with better technology.
Every time you order a new filter, you get the latest and best proven new performance.
Unlike the AlkaStream the actual filter is also the outer case so there is no difficulty in changing filters.
Unlike the AlkaStream we have tested the UltraStream to the strict European safety standards.
Unlike the AlkaStream we have university laboratory tested the
Ultrastream filter to the full service life of the filter.
Unlike the AlkaStream we have tested the
Ultrastream for molecular hydrogen infusion and have found that at normal usage flow, it produces almost four times the molecular hydrogen of a $4000 electric water ionizer.

Yes, UltraStream costs more than the AlkaStream, but we have made it to give you fabulous hydrogen rich ultra pure water as long as you want it. Now, each time you change a filter, your whole system is upgraded and renewed.

Please be aware that there are many counterfeit units for sale internationally and in Australia without the improvements we made to the AlkaStream.

Unfortunately many are using our trademark without our permission, and people who have been deceived are coming to us under the impression that we will support them. We cannot support these sales  and we are actively pursuing vendors using our trademark without our permission.

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