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Thank You Aldi!

Forbes magazine has recently reported that Aldi is not only planning to expand their natural food selection, but also replace the confectionery at the checkout, designed to tempt customers while they wait, with healthier items.

This could be brilliant news for lower-income shoppers if the supermarket attaches their usual affordable price tag to the new products. On top of this the supermarket are also ensuring that all of it’s dairy products are free from artificial growth hormones and all private label products, that are reported to take up 90% of the store, are now free from synthetic, hydrogenated oils and added MSG. Jason Hart, Aldi’s CEO has said, “At Aldi, we truly care about our customers, and we’re responding with guilt-free checkout zones and increased food options they can feel good about”. This comes after Aldi’s existing efforts to make organic and healthy food’s affordable for everyone when they expanded their organic food range of products in 2014, while still maintaining their low-price positioning.

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