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Another Use for Alkaline Water

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo likes to freeze her face – but with ice instead of Botox.

The 46-year-old actress has always felt she looks younger than she is, but in recent years she’s started to see a difference in her skin. Ellen feared her face was getting saggy so she has adopted a technique used by Hollywood actresses of yesteryear to try and maintain a youthful complexion.

“”I fill up a bowl of ice and alkaline water, and I take it to my bathroom, and I splash my face like 10 times, until my face feels frozen,” she explained to Into The Gloss. “I do it after (cleansing) and I just feel like it tightens everything. Didn’t the old movie stars used to do it? I got this idea that my face feels puffy and it’s sagging, so I thought, ‘Let me just freeze it!’

“”I’ve been reading and researching a lot about alkaline water, too, and its healing properties. They say if you have a cut and you stick your finger in alkaline water for like a day, it’ll heal faster. So I thought what if I just put alkaline water on my falling face, what’ll happen? Maybe it’ll pick it up?”

As well as her unusual face splashing routine, Ellen has regular facials to keep her skin in tip top condition. The star does her best to use paraben-free products and stick to a natural, organic plan as much as possible, but admits she has tried cosmetic procedures in the past.

“There’s only so much I can do at 45, I’m going to age, it’s fine,” she continued. “I don’t have Botox, I don’t have fillers, I don’t have anything, so you know, I really have to eat well and exercise and do everything, because I don’t want to put stuff in my face. I have done Botox before, and I can see why you’d get addicted to it. So I thought, if I have to see my lines, it’ll force me more to take care of myself. I guess because I make my living on camera, I’m vain? I think it’s important for me to look as good as I can look. I get paid to keep up my appearance, so I feel like I need to keep up my end of it.”

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