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Sam Carpenter’s Travel Plan goes seriously wrong.

Sam Carpenter wrote a book on business organisation that really impressed me, and he travels the world helping small businesses like ours to become better operators.

But on a recent trip to Romania, Sam, the master planner, upset his plans with one small mistake.

“On my trip to Romania I drank from a public drinking fountain. I was told I shouldn’t have, and sure enough, over the months since I got back I’ve been feeling more and more horrible every week until it got to the point that it came time for me to go back to work. I was finding myselof feeling exhausted by 11am.

I went to a doctor I realised I had something serious going on, and found that I had parasites and bacteria!

I got these powerful antibiotics to kill the parasites and another one to kill the bacteria.”

Now.. Sam, much as I respect your organisational ability.. look what that slipup cost you! Weeks of discomfort, exhaustion, business disruption, and not one but TWO rounds of the dreaded antibiotics, laying waste to your internal flora!

And Sam, all you needed to do was take an AlkaWay Fill2Pure portable water bottle with you. It has the best filtration in the world for portable bottles. I NEVER travel without it!

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