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Benefits of Alkalizing

We run a great page on Facebook about alkaline diet. (You’re welcome to join!)

Antreas is just one of over 1000 people I have got to know through the group and his post today was amazing.

Ian, the best way to harness a disease is to get informed and thank God for technological progression and breakthrough treatments… especially on the internet and sites like the Alkalinity forum… diabetes is therefore an acidic problem… to my understanding. Basically I have reduced carbohydrates , breads, biscuits oats, flour based sweets, sugar and so on.
Uric levels have dropped, therefore inflammation has also decreased, especially around the shoulders neck knees and backside.

Acidosis is a very severe condition. Urinating every ten minutes isn’t pleasant. I didn’t close an eye or have any sleep for a long period of time. I was walking zombie until I discovered alkalinity so I do know a bit and can relate it, feeling a lot better like I did when I was much younger. Trust me, alkalinity gives you elasticity and lightness with super powers. and mind you I will be sixty in a few years time!”

Ian: He followed up with a second post.

 “Eating greens and foraging is rampant in the valley of the gods, eating meats in moderation and consuming a bit of wine does help with the dysepsis of food. Lemons also do a great job for the stomach Exercise regularly and you will see results. Feeling good is a state of mind, and alkalinity is the catalyst.

The heart loves an alkaline environment. If it speeds up it lets you know by Revving up as it increases the beats -then you have increased acidity.”

Ian: Thank you Antreas! Look forward to visiting you in ‘The Valley Of The Gods’!
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