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pH Reagent vs. pH Test strips


If you’ve ever used pH strips.. then used liquid pH reagent, you’ll now that the strips seem to read lower than the reagent when used to measure alkaline water.  

We’d have people calling us up to tell us their AlkaWay system wasn’t measuring up.. and eventually we got it! They were using pH strips.

We send them pH drops, and voila! like magic, their water is testing good pH again.When they use pH reagent drops that change the water color to show pH level , it immediately registers correct.

How come?

It’s all about alkalinity vs. pH.

pH test Strips are designed to test body fluids. Our body fluids – urine and saliva are ‘alkaline’ but not high pH (see the video below.) This just means our fluids have a concentration of alkaline minerals in the water.  Things like electrolytes, salts and other mineral compounds constitute the alkaline material.  It’s this concentration which registers on a pH strip

With what we generally refer to as alkaline water, there is a difference between alkalinity and pH level. 

With electric water ionizers, that don’t actually add any alkaline minerals to the water, that difference can be pretty large. It’s the reason the pH level can fall quickly after removing it from the the machine. With natural systems like the UltraStream, that difference is usually less, which results in a water that loses pH slower.

In the UltraStream we are using alkaline calcium and magnesium that contributes to the alkalinity of the water, and a reaction of the water awith the special Japanese magnesium media that concentrates molecular hydrogen in the water over and above the H2 in the H2O. Asa  result it’s been tested to almost 4 x the H2 of a $4000 electric water ionizer.

It’s this difference between alkaline and pH that causes the strips to be inaccurate when testing the water. We use drops to test our water, and strips to test our body pH.

Go here to check our pH strips and for our pH reagent. Watch the short video below for more info.




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