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How are YOU alkalizing? Baking Soda? Really?

Yes, Baking Soda will alkalize. So why should I buy a water ionizer?

When someone is trying to sell you a $4000 water ionizer, here’sa  simple question that will throw them right off their pitch. Here’s a sampling of what you may hear in response.

“Too much baking soda isn’t good for you”

“Too many side effects! Gas and diarrhea”

“It’s  not alkaline. Look at my pH meter. It’s the same.”

Well.. there’s a little truth in everything.
Yes, overdosing with too much baking soda is NOT good for you. just as is too many carrots.
Yes, have too much and you may fart and lot and …….!

The third one needs help, and if you understand this, you may like to pass on the facts to the poor alkalizer salesman or woman. I’m assuming they do wnat to hear the truth and not just collect a commission, right?

Adding baking soda to H2O does make alkaline.  Furthermore, baking soda is a great way of alkalizing the body and supporting your natural alkaline buffer. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s alkaline sodium bicarbonate, exactly what we use every day in the stomach and gut to balance excessively acidic food.

Remember, pH and alkalinity are not the same.   We’ve written about this many times.

So.. of course adding sodium bicarbonate to your morning glass of water will help you alkalize. What your salesperson doesn’t want you to know is that as a restorer of your internal; alkaline water, it’s MUCH better than his $4000 water ionizer!

So let’s cut the poor salesperson some slack. They may not get that right, but they should be able to show you that their water machine has other benefits – enough to persuade you to part with +/- $4000.

The real questions you may choose to ask are:

1. What contaminants does your system remove?
2. Can you give me the tests to prove it?
3. What amount of molecular hydrogen can I expect?

Once upon a time we too confused alkaline water and high pH water. Today we like to advise people that to alkalize, food or alkaline supplements are more effective and balanced than water from a water ionizer. So we help people work out the best way to alkalize with alkaline minerals, and we help them to get the cleanest, highest concentration of beneficial molecular hydrogen as possible from their water.


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