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Oxygen or Hydrogen

Oh Boy, our clients are on the ball!

David responded to our HealtheMail video below with this comment:

“Now you have me confused. On the one hand you push hydrogen and the great energy engine but now I see a push for oxygen for energy. Which is what?”

Yes, David, you are SO right, and we are as amazed as anyone that BOTH technologies are causing our customers to vote with their credit cards. The Rocket Fuel with the oxygen and the I Love H2 with the hydrogen.

In the end, as harsh as it may seem, the proof of a product’s value is in whether we re-order it. I look in our cupboard at the many ‘also-ran’ products and I don’t even know why we ordered them!

And how amazing that we’ve been supplying water systems for the last 5 years, and now we are supplying components of water – hydrogen and oxygen!

Our answer?
We have NO idea why both products are so good, and I’d welcome anyone willing to try both and compare. But hey, what a great situation to be in: TWO great products rather than one!

Here’s the video that filled our InBox this morning.

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