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5 Reasons To Begin Today on the New Alkaline Diet

In our experience, most people don’t actually ‘get’ what the ‘Old’ Alkaline Diet is all about, so ask us why should they start the ‘New’ Alkaline Diet?

The ‘old’ alkaline diet declared that if we change our eating habits to consume 80% of our foods based on these foods’ ability to create an alkaline response in our body, we’d experience better health, vitality and immunity.

It’s true.. but for us, it’s like opening the door, and seeing the sunshine, but not going outdoors. There is SO MUCH more in the NEW Alkaline Diet.

Reason One for Going ‘New Alkaline’ Today
The New Alkaline diet acknowledges the need to choose alkalizing effect foods, but it also doesn’t ignore the obvious essential healthy acids. The old alkaline diet had a small success rate because it didn’t give us a fully sustainable nutrient balanced diet, and truthfully, wasn’t based on solid science.
There were many versions of it usually related to the personal preferences and learnings of the person talking about it. So we had ‘raw’ alkaline, ‘vegan’ alkaline and ‘vegetarian’ alkaline and even the ‘Miracle’ Alkaline Diet.

Reason Two for Going ‘New Alkaline’ Today
The New Alkaline Diet highlights and gives you action steps to overcome the reason that the ‘old’ diet failed. They can be summed up in 2 words: ‘carbohydrates’ and ‘sugar’. We share our knowledge on what these foods do to your alkaline balance and how to get over the effect they have.

Reason Three for Going ‘New Alkaline’ Today
The New Alkaline Diet focuses on the relationship of your food with your ancestral blueprint; what your body would eat if you gave it is a natural choice. The ‘Old’ diet does not.
For 30,000 years we derived our energy from saturated fats, both vegetable and animal. We ate some meat and as many vegetables as we could, with only seasonal fruits. The Old diet concentrates on us eating greens, but the New diet changes the way we relate to our food, and spinach has become a favourite rather than a ‘have to’. You’ll eat very, very well. Simply, and naturally less.

Reason Four for Going ‘New Alkaline’ Today
Starting today means you can begin to experience the benefits tomorrow! We share all of our Alkaline Diet ‘Hacks’ that help to make it easy and effective. We have seen people’s lives really change profoundly with this diet, but the sooner you recognise, understand and overcome the reasons all those other diets didn’t ever succeed, the better!
We’re even going to give you a 7 Day plan. Stock up, eat up, and watch your life change!

Reason Five for Going ‘New Alkaline’ Today
Take the quiz right now to see for yourself whether you are alkaline or acid. When you are regularly eating certain food types it affects your mental state and makes it difficult to see beyond your present state of health. So many people think they are healthy, but have no idea of what true health means because their diet is addicting them to a mental state, which in turn validates what you are eating now…

We’re not going to share or even look at your answers to the quiz, but you’ll know yourself just by completing this short quiz.

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