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OK. Now really.. does cancer respond to alkalinity or acidity?

It’s obviously a  question with many possible answers mainly because there are so many variants of cancers. However we have seen an often repeated claim made in the alkaline water ionizer seller’s sphere. Sellers – especially less educated MLM sellers – continue to this day to quote Nobel prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg as saying cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Apart from the fact that Dr Warburg never said that, it’s also a (IMHO) heinous thing to say in order to sell a water ionizer.

The longer we are in the business of alkaline balance the more we learn, and the biggest lesson is the humility required in talking to people that we think should be more healthy, for the answer is never as simple as it may seem.

Back to whether acid or alkalis conteract acids. Take a look at this quite remarkable report on the use of VINEGAR (acetic acid) against cancer. 

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