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Detox or Bug?

It’s not uncommon for some newcomers to AlkaWay water to experience detox symptoms. This usually occurs in the form of flu-like symptoms, sometimes a headache, fuzzy or wooly feelings.

We talked to Erica, our inhouse Naturopath about her thoughts on identifying the difference between detox and a bug.

Here’s what she said in simple form – the questions you can ask yourself.

1. Is there a headache?
Detox mostly always involves a headache.

2. Is there a fever or perspiration?
Detox never involves a temperature.  A temperature is from an immune response which means it’s a bug.

3. Is there nausea?
More than likely especially if it involves a slight temperature.  Would it be the water?
Very unlikely.

4. Is there Diarrhea?
Slight diarrhea is possible but it would not be in conjunction with a temperature/perspiration.

What do you think of this? I remember my detox symptoms 15 years ago and they passed within a week, but I also remember having so much energy I was out of bed at 2 am!