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NZ Water fluoridation. Oh No! riots in the streets!

m87153 v1 fluoridation%20web%20front%20new560It’s been reported that residents of Petone in New Zealand would “riot on the street” if the Ministry of Health decided to add fluoride to their water supply. The remarks were reportedly made by the community board chairman, Mike Fisher, who, it is claimed, said: “There was an outcry in the 1990s when Hutt City Council suggested adding fluoride to the supply and the reaction would be the same today. People would be rioting in the streets. They would be absolutely furious… We’re very proud of our water the way it is”. Along with their neighbours in Korokoro, Petone residents enjoy water from the same aquifer that “feeds the artesian water fountains in Buick St”.

The local council was said to have accepted the government view that fluoride was safe, but at the same time had respected the views of the residents. However, last week New Zealand’s councils voted strongly in favour of handing over decisions about water fluoridation to the Ministry of Health. Local Government Minister Paula Bennett is reported to have said “she was not considering a law change but Local Government New Zealand planned to lobby the government on the issue after the election, president Lawrence Yule said”.

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