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Lemon and Greens

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

We use lemon on almost everything.
It’s so important to us that even when lemons are out of season we still buy the expensive imported ones. But WHY is lemon so good on greens? When we lived in Italy it was normal for every meal to be accompanied with lemons. As normal as a side of spinaci!

You will be pleased to learn that your favorite greens has probably been boosting your immunity and improving your muscle strength all this time. When you add a squeeze of lemon juice to leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard, it causes a chemical reaction in your body that helps absorb iron in those leafy greens, which will in turn stave off muscle fatigue. The next time you’re craving a salad post-workout, be sure to add a squeeze of lemon to your greens.


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